Anticipation Plus: My most popular flash card game to play with older kids

This one will take a few minutes to prepare, but it is SO worth it to see the amount of enthusiasm you’ll get from the kids. You will need:

  • your flashcards
  • several blank flashcards of the same size
  • pom poms, jacks, or other small objects in different colors

The game is basically “Anticipation” but with a twist. First, take one of your blank cards and make a special “action” card to put in your pile of flashcards. For slightly older kids it can be something mildly scary, like a ghost, a spider, a snake, etc., so when they see that card they all scream and run away. I use an “oni” (demon) and I try to grab the kids’ feet as they scoot away from the oni card. If you have a lot of cards, mix in a few “action” cards to keep the anticipation up.

And now for the twist: take another blank card and draw a picture of a pom pom. Place a real pom pom right in front of you when you review the cards. When kids see the “action” card they will run away, but when they see the “pom pom” card they must try to be the first to snatch the pom pom. The student can keep it, and you start the game again with a new pom pom. This keeps the kids from running away and staying away, and it heightens the anticipation because they won’t know when they will need to come close or run away. My 7-9 year olds love this game!


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