Anticipation Plus Jr. – A flash card game for the little ones

This game is a variation on the regular Anticipation and Anticipation Plus games, but made for the smaller kids. You would introduce this game only after your students have played the regular version several times so they don’t get confused.

The basic concept is the same as in Anticipation. You have your set of flash cards with an “action” card mixed in, but this version you give each student a pom pom or bean bag, and you mix in an action card of that item. You go through the cards as usual prompting the kids to say the vocabulary items and do the actions as they come up, but when the special pom pom/bean bag card comes up, the kids try to throw their pom pom/bean bag into a basket. It doesn’t matter if they make it or not, and I always let my younger students take as many tries as they need.

If you are teaching 2-3 year olds, you may want to keep your projectiles in a separate basket and only offer it to the kids when the special action card comes up. With many younger kids they can’t control their desire to throw it while they wait for the card, but this would be good practice if you are trying to get them to work on self-regulation.


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