More “action” cards for Anticipation flash card games

So you’ve played Anticipation, Anticipation Plus, and Anticipation Plus Jr. with your classes, but you’re still looking for ways to keep things fresh? Here are some ideas for different “action” cards that keep the game new and exciting every time.

1) Silly pose cards

These can be picture cards, but they can also be blank on the student side and you just read out the instructions on the other side of the card. Instructions would be something like “put your finger on your nose” or “stand on one foot,” and kids would have to maintain that pose until the next action card came up.

To make things even more challenging, the kids would have to add the next pose to the one they are already doing. That way they end up in really silly poses by the end.

A word of warning: this works best with students who have a lot of self-control. If you have a class of new kids or ones who have trouble controlling impulses, this game may have to wait a few months!

2) Rainbow cards

This is a variation on “tag.” All you do is prepare a few rainbow cards and slide them into your flash card deck, and when a rainbow card appears, just call out a color name. The students then have to find that color in the room and touch it before you can tag them. I recommend chasing them at old-school zombie speed so they don’t panic and wind up hurting themselves.

3) Call and response phrases

This is good for older kids, probably about 5 and up. The action card will be the same on the side the kids see (I use the profiles of two people talking), but you will write a phrase or question that requires a response on the side that you see. When the card comes up, you will turn into the zombie/monster/lion/etc. and the kids will have to escape, but no one is safe until they give the correct response. The kids will have to wait to hear what you say, and then each student will have to respond appropriately, at which point they are completely safe. You can go as easy as “It’s nice to meet you” or “what’s your name?” all the way up to the latest grammar functions they have been studying.


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