Differentiated Fine Motor Activities: Pom Pom Bottles

I teach a preschool class for kids 2-3 years old, which makes for quite a difference in abilities if I have one student who just turned 2 and one who is about to turn 4. But that doesn’t mean that some kids have to be bored when we are all working together. With enough variations on an activity you can make sure that it is challenging for everyone.

Today I did an activity where the kids had to pick up small pom poms and drop them into the mouth of a small bottle. This is a HUGE hit with the 2 year olds, who would do this for ages if I let them. For the older kids, however, it’s a little too easy. So, I came up with these variations to challenge them as they develop:

Variation 1: Use a laundry clip/clothes pin to pick up the pom poms. This is good for strengthening their pincer grip muscles to they have better hand control when they use a pencil.20131023-181527.jpg

Variation 2: Sort the pom poms by color.

Variation 3: Use chopsticks (or training chopsticks).

Variation 4: Label the bottles with numbers (and/or colors) and students try to put in the correct number of pom poms.


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