Posted in September 2014

Letter S craft activities: Snake

This little snake is fun to put together, and there is almost no mess!   Materials: green colored paper cut into strips (you can make the head from a wider piece like I did in the photo, but it’s easier if you give them the head piece last so it doesn’t get stuck in the middle somewhere.) double-sided … Continue reading

How to deal with a disruptive student

We have all had that one student. The one who is bright and enthusiastic, but is so energetic that s/he can’t sit still or stop talking for more than a millisecond at a time. The traditional teacher-fronted classroom is a real challenge for them, and I am sure that they get more than their fair share … Continue reading

ABC Flip Book Freebie!

ABC Flip Book Freebie!

Toddlers and preschoolers seem to have a natural curiosity that makes a simple set of cards on a ring soooo exciting! I created this set for my 2-3 year olds who just love to look at the letters and pictures, and their moms love to have these on hand for fidgety moments in restaurants or waiting in line. The pictures … Continue reading