Quick Tip: How to recover from momentary chaos

No matter how talented you are as a teacher, there are those moments when the kids just lose all focus. It’s especially tough when they start trying to make each other laugh! No amount of shushing could ever make a dent in all that hilarity.

Here’s what works for me (this is for kids about 3-6 years old):

Say in your normal voice, “Who can copy me?” and then start doing some simple poses. Put a hand on your hip, touch your nose, wiggle your elbows, etc. Keep changing it every second or so. At least one kid will see you and start to follow (aim for your most cooperative students first), and the others will start to notice. Once two kids are doing it, the rest follow almost immediately! I like to throw in a few funny poses when everyone is following along just as a “thank you.” (Pull out your ears and stick out your tongue, wiggle your butt, etc.)

It amazes me every time, but it works like a charm, and there is no yelling!


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