Letter S craft activities: Snake

Snake paper craft

Easy snake craft

This little snake is fun to put together, and there is almost no mess!



  • green colored paper cut into strips (you can make the head from a wider piece like I did in the photo, but it’s easier if you give them the head piece last so it doesn’t get stuck in the middle somewhere.)
  • double-sided tape or glue
  • red paper cut into tongue shapes
  • eye stickers (or googly eyes)


  • For my 2 year olds I put the double sided tape on the ends of the paper ahead of time. Then they can peel off the backing (they love to pick at stuff!) and make the loop themselves. Older kids could put on the tape or glue themselves.
  • If it’s their first time you’ll have to show them how to put the strip through the loop first to make a chain, but they catch on quickly.
  • After the chain is assembled, stick on the eyes and tongue (I used double-sided tape for that also), and your snake is ready to slither!

English Learning Tips:

  • This is a good chance to highlight “through” as you make the chain.
  • I repeated “Make a circle” every time I made a link on the chain.
  • You can demonstrate “short” and “long” as the kids make snakes of different lengths.
  • I also make sure the kids say “I did it!” when they accomplish something.
  • When you let the kids choose the eyes, ask “Which ones do you want?” and encourage them to respond with “These” or “I want these, please” depending on their ability.


When we made these I was so pleased to hear one of my students say, “It’s a snake! A loooooong snake!”


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