Cursive Worksheets!

CursiveStepByStepThumb1So apparently most kids aren’t learning cursive anymore, and I kind of understand that since teachers are busy enough with all the other things that they need to cover. That being said, here’s why I still think cursive is worth learning:

  • kids can’t read letters from Grandma (let alone historical documents!) without it
  • it’s good for the brain
  • kids can develop a professional signature (and not face ridicule like Treasury Secretary Jack Lew!)
  • Kids LOVE it!

With that in mind I decided to make some worksheets that are not simply tracing and copying exercises, but rather instructional exercises that show kids the details of how the letters are formed, and what the shapes and slants should look like. If you are interested in teaching your students some cursive, please try out my FREE worksheets on TeachersPayTeachers and let me know what you think!

(If you don’t want to sign up for TeachersPayTeachers, you can click here to download the cursive freebie.)


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